Julie Ann Earls
Julie Ann Earls

"So, tell me about yourself."


I am an actor and singer, born to an Irish-American father and Filipino mother. 

I always start off by saying something along these lines because it explains a lot about who I am. I grew up around two very different cultures and I was raised by parents who could not have been more opposite. My dad is the life of the party and doesn't take bullshit from anybody. My mom has never had a drink in her life; she'd rather stay home and garden.

As a result, I'm a little bit of both of them. 

I have become a young woman with a very diverse world inside of her. I'm warm, but I'm strong. I'm lighthearted, but hard-working and driven. I'm elegant but with an edge. I also think coming from two very different backgrounds is why I am so compassionate to all kinds of stories and why I yearn to share them.